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Company History

Environmental Education Associates, Inc. (EEA) has trained tens of thousands of individuals since 1992 in a variety of clientele, ranging from professionals employed in the private and public sectors to individuals who may wish to obtain training to secure positions in the expanding environmental and safety industry. The organization first offered asbestos and hazardous materials certifications in conjunction with the State University of New York at Buffalo Toxicology Research Center (SUNYAB/TRC). In 1994, EEA and SUNYAB/TRC offered the first accredited lead abatement training, in partnership with an accredited training provider from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. EEA and SUNYAB/TRC offered asbestos, lead and hazmat training through 2001, including EPA TSCA 402 accredited lead training beginning in 1999.

EEA obtained State of Illinois lead accreditation in 1998, EPA TSCA 402 lead accreditation in 2001 and NYS Department of Health (DOH) asbestos accreditation in 2003. EEA was approved in 2005 by the Texas Department of State Health Services for mold training and has employed approved OSHA safety trainers since the OSHA safety training program began in the mid-1990’s. EEA obtained State of Washington lead accreditation in 2007 and was accredited by NYS for Spanish asbestos training in 2009.

EEA was approved by EPA for Lead Renovators training in July 2009 and can nowoffer the course in-person, in both English and Spanish, and on-line at www.environmentaleducation.com. In September 2015, EEA was the first approved mold training provider in New York State under Department of Labor accreditation.

EEA acquired the environmental certification training firm, Envotech in Rochester, NY in 2004 and opened the Syracuse location in 2007. The Brooklyn office was opened in 2008. Our office in Brooklyn and Syracuse were closed in 2012. Training there and throughout the State is provided at suitable off-site locations.

In September 2015, EEA became the first NYS DOL accredited training provider to offer the mold abatement worker, mold remediation contractor and mold assessor.

President and founder Andrew McLellan is actively involved in day-to-day operations, as Training Director with assistance from Alisa Raab, Training Coordinator, and Rachel Bulau and Melissa Nigro, Assistant Training Coordinators.

EEA is headquartered in the former Buffalo Police Precinct #13, built in 1896. The building was restored in 2005 by EEA staff and contractors for use as a training facility. Our Rochester and other off-site locations are designed for similar use.

EEA offers over fifty accredited environmental and safety training courses, in asbestos, lead, hazardous materials and mold. Each of our course accreditations are issued by a local, state or national government agency to meet regulatory requirements for personnel engaged in specific environmental investigation, management or clean-up activities. EEA also offers awareness or other required training that is based on agency regulations or guidance. EEA instructors are approved or individually accredited to provide training under our authority, or as approved by a specific agency.

EEA is an asbestos training provider under New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)accreditation through US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval. Environmental Education Associates offers all of the New York State Department of Health’s asbestos training courses, including the asbestos worker, asbestos supervisor, asbestos project monitor, asbestos air sampling technician, asbestos inspector, asbestos manager planners, asbestos designer, asbestos operations and maintenance and asbestos allied trades. Environmental Education Associates offers each of these courses in English and the asbestos worker course in English and Spanish.

Environmental Education Associates offers lead hazard control training under US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accreditation, including the lead worker, lead supervisor, lead inspector, lead risk assessor, and the lead renovators initial, lead renovators Spanish, lead renovator on-line and lead wipe sampling technician courses. Environmental Education Associates also offers lead safe work practices training to meet EPA requirements for non-certified workers and US Housing & Urban Development (HUD)requirements for those working in public and subsidized housing. Environmental Education Associates also offers lead-in-construction and lead general industry training to satisfy US Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Environmental Education Associates is also approved by the State of Washington for the lead worker, lead supervisor, lead inspector and lead risk assessor certifications.

Environmental Education Associates is a mold training provider under New York State Department of Labor for the mold abatement worker, Mold remediation contractor and mold assessor.

Environmental Education Associates instructors are approved to offer the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) 10 hour Construction Safety and 30 hour Construction Safety Training. Environmental Education Associates offers other safety training programs in Confined Space, Blood borne Pathogens and other workplace safety topics.

Environmental Education Associates offer hazardous waste operations training to satisfy US Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for the 40 Hour General Site Worker, Hazardous Waste Site Supervisor and 24 Hour Site Technician.

Environmental Education Associates also offers topic specific awareness in asbestos, lead, mold, and hazardous materials that can be tailored to the specific needs of our clientele.

Environmental Education Associates provides refreshers and/or recertifications for NYSDOH asbestos, EPA lead, Texas mold and HAZMAT.

We look forward to continued success as the premier environmental training provider in New York.


En Español

Environmental Education Associates Inc. mantiene acreditación por parte del Departamento de Salud del Estado de Nueva York para proporcionar los programas de certificación y actualización, para el trabajador de asbesto. Estamos autorizado por la Agencia de Protección Ambiental (EPA) para las programas de formación inicial y de actualización, del renovador de plomo. El trabajador de molde por parte del Departamento de labor del Estado de Nueva York también se ofrece. Nuestro profesor de idioma español, Mark González, también está aprobado para presentar los programas de OSHA 10 y OSHA 30 horas en Construcción.