Certificate POLICY


  1. Training completion certificates will be emailed as the primary form of delivery, printed copies are available for a $5.00 fee.
  2. A $25 fee will be charged for each replacement or duplicate certificate including NYSDOSH certificates.
  3. Those without email addresses will be encouraged to collect their certificates at the conclusion of training, or to make an appointment to pick the certificate up at the office managing that session in order to avoid the $5.00 certificate fee.
  4. Asbestos and OSHA 10/30 construction safety certificates will be created on an “on demand” basis, and subject to a $5.00 fee per certificate.
  5. Lead, Mold, Hazardous Materials and other specialty certificates will be produced for each attendee and subject to a $5.00 printing/production and mailing fee if that is the chosen delivery method.
  6. Certificates will not be produced for awareness training, except by special request and are subject to a $5.00 fee per certificate.
  7. Certificates for groups, designated by collective payment, or by relationship to employer, agency or other organization, will be mailed to the payee, or other organizing entity, for distribution. Individuals seeking certificates independent of a group are subject to approval from the payee or organizing entity and subject to a $5.00 fee per certificate.
  8. Replacement or duplicate certificate requests are subject to a $5.00 per certificate fee.